At maxdelucadesign we have been designing interiors and sourcing furniture for our clients since 2006. We understand the importance of making it easy for clients to choose the right designs for their home, so we've developed a range of services that could help.


Design consultation commences after an initial timeline is confirmed. This is a complimentary service which takes clients through the possibilities and explains the products in details. We take into account their requirements and turn their ideas into proposals. When it comes to more complex solutions, which mostly involved fitted furniture or sectional sofas, we work out an initial 2D space planning and arrange discussions around the options, technicalities and costings. At this stage clients should provide us with as much information as possible, including the dimensions of the space where the furniture should go and any specific requirements.


This stage commences when the clients feel confident and ready to go ahead. The process starts with a site visit where a dimensional survey is carried out. Then, the technical stage continues with the preparation of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) drawings in 2D issued in PDF format, which will be easy for clients to view. If necessary, we will share the CAD files we produce with the architects, interior designers, main contractors, and any other parties involved in the project. During the preparation of the drawings, a list of materials and items sourced will be compiled and an estimate will be prepared for the final approval. Prior to this stage, clients will receive an email regarding terms & conditions of engagement and a specification of the Space Planning Fees. The initial fee required is generally deducted from the final procurement cost of the furniture ordered.
Please find below more detailed notes on fees and terms of engagement.


The fee for Space Planning Service, calculated as a lump sum between £300 + VAT and £500 + VAT, is charged in conjunction with the following services:
  • Initial site visit and dimensional survey.
  • Preparation of M&E drawings for a maximum of two design proposals.
  • Pre installation survey to check that services are in place and dimensions are correct as agreed on the drawings.
The Space Planning Service applies with the following terms:
  • There is a safe and reasonable access to the place where the survey needs to be carried out.
  • The M&E drawings issued will indicate the services required for the furniture and the exact position and dimensions of units and components. Specifically for the kitchens, there will be the services required for the appliances indicated within the furniture layout. Clients should note that sockets on splash-backs or lighting design do not form part of our schedule of work and therefore are not included in our M&E drawings.
  • Space Planning Service represents an engagement between the clients and maxdelucadesign Ltd. We will own the copyright and all the other intellectual property rights of any drafts, drawings or illustrations supplied to the clients.
  • The fee stated above is deducted from the final procurement cost of the furniture supplied. The fee is not refundable in case clients hold or cancel the order.
  • Any additional design service such as design proposals that exceed two, electrical layout or lighting design might be charged with an extra cost on the basis of hourly rates.
Any fees stated above apply only to the Space Planning Service within London M25. To find out about the service in any other area please get in touch.


We're more than happy to assemble furniture and fit kitchens and wardrobes for our clients to the highest standards. We recommend to read the terms of our Installation Service below in conjunction with our terms of Space Planning services. We are also happy to advice clients' fitters if they have been instructed to carry out the job on their behalf. We're therefore reasonably not liable for the final result, so we vividly recommend clients to use only professional fitters and to check the possible implications regarding Cancellation & Return rights as long as warranties of the products.
We undertake dry-fit installations, so any estimates issued regarding this service include dry-fit only. Any electrical or plumbing connections to appliances or any electrical connections to lighting shall be carried out and tested by a certified electrician appointed by the client or by the main contractor on his behalf. Therefore, preparations of electrical and plumbing must be carried out by the clients and contractors prior to installing the furniture.
If we've been instructed to prepare M&E (mechanical & electrical) drawings as per our Space Planning Service, these will indicate the services required for the furniture and the exact position and dimensions of units and components. Specifically for the kitchens, there will be the services required for the appliances indicated within the furniture layout. If there are conflict with our guidelines, clients and contractors should get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the possible impacts upon the design.
Any electric equipment or manifold must be indicated by the client or main contractor prior the design of the furniture.
Clients should note that sockets on splash-backs or lighting design do not form part of our schedule of works and therefore are not included in our M&E drawings. However, these could be required as an additional design service.


Delivery and unload of the goods on site are managed by our teams in conjunction with our Assembling & Fitting services. We will need to agree with clients and main contractors on the best delivery date and avoid any delay that can cause extra charges for storage.


It's extremely important for our teams to install on a finished site. Best environments for furniture to be installed are the ones where the finished floor is laid, the final fix of decoration is completed with only touching up required after kitchens and wardrobes have been assembled. We're happy then to coordinate our work with clients and main contractors to ensure that works are scheduled to their best.
Specifically, we recommend as follows:
Walls and ceilings are plastered and have at least one coat of undercoat. As we have very small tolerances between the units and the walls or ceilings, it's important that these are properly levelled and perfectly matching the drawings. The walls also have to be strengthen with ply or solid timber so able to support wall units where it's required by the design.
Floor are run under the units so kick-plates and side panels can perfectly sit on it. We must know otherwise the exact thickness of the floor and any underlays, so that our fitters can level the units accordingly.
Underfloor heating have to be run according to the furniture layout agreed, and so any other type of plumbing or electric services required by the design.


We fit kitchen appliances but we do not connect them to electrical or plumbing supplies and we do not test them, whatever these have been purchased by the clients or by us on their behalf. Manuals are given to clients on handover for each appliance. For after sales and warranties of each item the clients shall activate the warranties through the manufacturers procedures or contact the manufacturers directly. Clients should note that manufactures do not cover labour costs involving the replacement of defective taps or parts of them. Charges may apply in theses specific cases.
We work with some of the best suppliers in the UK and abroad and we specify their products. Our procurement of these products is done once the order of the furniture or kitchen units is confirmed. However, we are not responsible for delays caused by these companies and can only work within their guidelines. The procurements fees we charge vary according to the product and the service required to supply it.


Most of our kitchen worktops are supplied by our UK fabricators and are templated to ensure the best possible fit. We coordinate the template with the completion of the kitchen units so the first happens soon after the installation. The material selected for the worktop will determine the manufacturing time, and this will be specified once the design has been agreed. We subcontract on clients' behalf so we are sometimes subject to delays beyond our control. We are therefore not responsible for delays caused by the suppliers and can only work within their guidelines. Once the worktops have been fitted, clients or main contractors need to have the plumber and the electrician return to site to connect hobs, sinks and taps. The installation of hobs is responsibility of the clients or the main contractor working on his behalf so we will advise if this is to be a flush-mount and if it requires specific sealing.


We snag the installation once all works have been done. We go through the entire installation with client, main contractor or designer acting on his behalf and draw a list of works required to complete. Once the agreed snagging list has been compiled and completed, we sign off the job. The end product will be then covered by warranty for two years along the workmanship.
Once installed the furniture is wrapped in protective Corex or cardboards. We strongly recommend that the protection is left in place and the furniture is not used for any purpose until the entire project is completed. We will not be responsible for damages that have occurred after the installation has been completed.
Clients should note that the handover of the furniture can only be completed if the accounts have been settled in full. Until that, the goods remain the property of maxdelucadesign.
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