From LIBRERIA made by MD House is an extensive storage system conceived to be suitable for both living and night areas. In fact, a broad choice of open or close modules allows arrangements to blend seamlessly with widely diverse rooms and requirements. Floor units along wall-hung units diversify the arrangements while the open units, perfect to showcase various objects, add lightness and dynamism to the whole. Endless the possibilities of volume, colour and finish combinations, given the wide choice of finishes and the high degree of customisation. The doors of the close units feature flap or hinge openings. Alternatively, pull-out drawers enriche the functionality of the storage. Several designs characterise the handles, including solutions of handleless cabinets by using push-pull mechanisms. The finishes range from matt & glossy lacquers to wood essences such as natural oak, walnut and ash in the colours of Vintage, Nut, Termocotto, Cenere, Brown and Iron. Alternatively, the ash can be matt sprayed in the colours of the range. Glass fronts represent an additional option. Here our selection of the finishes to look at. Please note that RAL codes to suit specific requirements are available on request. LIBRERIA offers the innovative system of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors combined with shelving units and TV niches. Also accessories such as power plug satellite TV, cables holes, recessed LEDs, coat hooks, pull out clothe rods, shoe holders, pull-out shelves, trays, are all complementary to this extensive collection.  

Made to order item, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery


Storage system available as floor-standing and wall-mount units. The structure along the back panels are respectively 40mm and 12mm thick and are made of particle boards finished in the finishes available within the range. The doors are 20mm MDF, matt or glossy lacquered. Wood veneering in the essence of oak, walnut or ash are also available along the glass. The floor units sit on H1,5cm feet. Alternatively, the units are suspended. The drawers feature full extraction. Runners are on soft-closing systems and the hinges have integrated silent system cushioning. 

Below few indicative dimensions regarding the modules. The heights do not include the feet H15mm and the widths do not include the side panels, which are 13mm and 41mm thick. 

COMPARTMENTS MODULE WIDTHS 21,1cm 29,5cm 40,7cm 63,1cm 96,7cm

OVERHEAD UNITS MODULE WIDTHS 130,3cm 163,9cm 197,5cm 

MODULE HEIGHTS 37,7cm 71,3cm 104,9cm 138,5cm 172,1cm 205,7cm 239,3cm 272,9cm

MODULE DEPTHS 33cm 35cm 45cm  

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