Caccaro launched the innovative system called Freedhome®, which incorporates all the collections below in one. The aim was to design a system able to turn every wall or space into a storage solution, regardless if it's a bedroom, living or laundry room. Freedhome® is totally bespoke so it adapts to any dimensions of your home. It brings light to every corners thanks to a flexible, integrated lighting system. It also includes the open closet "Cabina" completing the whole range of available solutions on the market. Watch Milano and Bologna, two modern lofts in two different cities which have one thing in common: a space that needs to be flexibly arranged to make it functional for modern living and Freedhome® was the perfect choice. Get in touch at info@maxdelucadesign.com if you have a project enquiry. We will be happy to help and give you more details about this amazing storage system.