Bathrooms A Metaphysical Landscape

With Naos Wellness Design we want to present a new interpretation of the contemporary bathroom made entirely in Corian®. The result is a totally new space where minimal lines blend form and function. 

Below, "Crono" a collection of washbasins that embraces the research into essential volumes. Available as floor standing, wall hung or over counter, Crono features linear drains and free flow waste. Standard sizes as D45 x H90/45/20cm (H90 for freestanding only). The round and square mirrors are called "Calipso". The round Calipso comes with a diameter of 70cm, LED light source and backlighted frame made in Corian®. The square Calipso measures W75 x H75 x D15cm and features an LED bar behind a glass diffuser and a frame made in Corian®, which forms a functional shelf support on the bottom. Calipso is also available in a rectangular shape, dimensions as W110 x H60 x D15cm. 

Crono is also a collection of bathtubs, available as freestanding, corner or back-to-wall units. Standard size as D117,4 x H56cm. The area where the bath tap is fitted becomes a practical surface in the case of freestanding taps. Custom made shower curtain running on a round ceiling-mounted rail is available on request. 

Naos offers also a wide range of products that cover various areas of the bathroom. From storage units and stool- laundry baskets to mirrors with integrated LEDs. Corian® is still the protagonist of these products, along the attention to details and the advanced technology to make them. Below Crono's stool-laundry basket. It has a removable cover and sits on concealed castors for easy movements. It measures D45 x H44,5cm and it's suitable to be moved under some of the wall hung Crono washbasins so it gets out of the way!  

"Atlante" is definitely characterised by a more streamlined design. With a back panel equipped with mirror, LED, shelves or storages, Atlante represents the quintessential of minimalist washbasins featuring corners with small radius and linear drains. Standard sizes as W73,6 x H40 x D48cm (suitable for back panels W76 x H180 x D15cm) or W118,6 x H40 x D48cm (suitable for floor-standing back panels W120 x H210 x D15cm).

"Demetra" is a thermoformed shower tray with linear waste trap suitable for flush fitting too as only 5cm thick. 8mm tempered glass shower screens and brushed steel bar fixings for walk-in solutions are available within the same collection, and so the 12mm thick wall coverings. The optional milling on the tray to exactly place the shower screens adds a touch of perfection. Standard sizes as W80 x L80cm, W90 x L90cm, W80 x L100cm, W80 x L120cm and W100 x L140cm.

Corian® presents a matt surface and is anti-fingerprint and soft-touch. It is formed from a mix of natural materials, acrylic polymer and pigments, and can literally be shaped into whatever form. The strength of Naos' collection lies then in the ability to customize solutions around any specific designs, so each piece becomes unique and shaped according to the needs of each client. Please get in touch at if you need to submit any enquiries.