Design Service

At maxdelucadesign we have been designing interiors and sourcing furniture for our clients since 2006. We understand the importance of making it easy for clients to choose the right designs for their home, so we've developed a range of services that could help.


Design consultation commences after an initial timeline is confirmed. This is a complimentary service which takes clients through the possibilities and explains the products in details. We take into account their requirements and turn their ideas into proposals. When it comes to more complex solutions, which mostly involved fitted furniture or sectional sofas, we work out an initial 2D space planning and arrange discussions around the options, technicalities and costings. At this stage clients should provide us with as much information as possible, including the dimensions of the space where the furniture should go and any specific requirements.


This stage commences when the clients feel confident and ready to go ahead. The process starts with a site visit where a dimensional survey is carried out. Then, the technical stage continues with the preparation of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) drawings in 2D issued in PDF format, which will be easy for clients to view. If necessary, we will share the CAD files we produce with the architects, interior designers, main contractors, and any other parties involved in the project. During the preparation of the drawings, a list of materials and items sourced will be compiled and an estimate will be prepared for the final approval. Prior this stage, clients will receive an email regarding terms & conditions of engagement and a specification of the Space Planning Fees. The initial fee required is generally deducted from the final procurement cost of the furniture ordered.

Please find below more detailed notes on the fees and terms of engagement.


The fee for Space Planning Service, calculated as a lump sum between £300 + VAT and a maximum of £500 + VAT, is charged in conjunction with the following services: 

The Space Planning Service applies with the following terms:

Any fees stated above apply only to the Space Planning Service within London M25. To find out about the service in any other area please get in touch at