Dining Tables Buying Guide

It's actually quite difficult to choose a contemporary looking dining table as they all seem to be pretty identical! So first we would start from the material a table is made of, and then go through the options of shape and size. Wood looks familiar and, regardless if it's solid or veneered, it may add a touch of warmth to a pale - white open plan kitchen. InsideMetroquadro quickly come to mind as perfect choices. In fact, they both have solid wood legs and the top can be wood veneered.BCN and Radii follow. The latter can be completed with benches in the same design and finishes.

Thin-K Wood is probably the most interesting choice when it comes to wood as it doesn't "wrap" the table in full, but only the top and the side of the legs. We definitely prefer light wood essences such as European oak or natural elm as they look sleek in modern interiors. However, natural walnut looks elegant and it adds a touch of classic feel to this modern table. Thin-K Wood comes as fixed or extensible. It is also available in the fixed or extensible aluminium versions, suitable for outdoor. 

Boiacca Wood features only the legs in wood but not the top. The latter is available in laminate Pure-white or Fenix-NTM® in different colours. We reckon the laminate to be the safest choice as tops made of laminate are definitely stronger and more durable than tops made of any kind of wood. Boiacca Wood has legs in solid European oak, black oak or walnut stained oak, internally reinforced with a steel core.

When it comes to laminate table tops the choices are several and you can see the many options of strong laminates available by scrolling down our collection of dining tables. But let's now take a closer look at the legs, which are probably the main feature in a table. Legs or frames of contemporary dining tables are mostly made of aluminium or steel. The simplest square or rectangular shapes feature tables such as Helsinki, Easy, be-Easy, 25 and Beam. Helsinki is based on a very simple concept. Designed around a steel frame tied neatly together through die-cast aluminium joints, Helsinki becomes a table, a coffe table or a shelving unit. As a table it is available with tops in ceramic or glass. It can also be flexibly arranged as a desk in the version Office.

25 is difficult to classified as top and legs "flows" into each other in a continuos of material and shape. This is an avant-garde table, awarded in 2014 with the "Compasso d'Oro", probably the most authoritative design award in the world, and so it plays a story apart. We have 25 with the Acrylic Top and the more impressive one with the handcrafted "Stone Finishes".

More architectural - angled legs characterise tables such as Sushi, Mr Brown or Nori. The aluminium legs can have the natural anodised finish or be sprayed in different colours. The steel can be sprayed or it can be distinguished with raw finishes for more "esclusive" interior statements. The rusty finish is available with the table Big. The alternative brunished metal finish features tables such as Fan or Ax. Fan is particularly interesting as the top made of solid oak in the natural "sawn-effect" (rovere naturale segato) contrasts the raw metal look of the legs. The particular finish of the latter is achieved via a double coat lacquering, followed by a further hand-made sanding treatment.

Sushi is an elegant and stylish table and one of a collection. This table is very popular and it has been for many years, loved for its timeless style, resilience and innovative design. Also, the extreme flexibility that characterises this table makes it an ideal workstation for office. Sushi can have tops in strong Alucompact® laminate or glass. The aluminium legs are a design statement of their own. These can be finished natural anodised or be sprayed in different colours.

More rounded and "gentle" lines feature tables such as Maki and Boiacca. The latter fascinates and amazes mainly because of the material it is made of: modern cement. Boiacca has been designed by LucidiPevere. The collaboration between Kristalia and the designers has led to the creation of an award-winning product and a great success with critics and the public. The natural evolution of Boiacca is Boiacca Wood CL, which retains the use of the cement to finish the legs. The top is 10mm laminate Fenix-NTM® soft-touch.

Maki is inspired by an idea of sheer simplicity, with typically oriental appeal and leg profiles with pleasantly rounded corners. This table is available as fixed with the hardwearing Alucompact® laminate top or in the outdoor version with the beautiful ceramic top "Aura", which features impressive digital marble texture.

Interesting to see Maki's legs combined with staved tops made of teak in another outdoor version. The teak left in its natural colour will acquire an unmistakable silvery shade, which will create a contrast with the uniform shape of the legs over time. Maki slatted is available in the fixed and extensible versions. be-Easy is also available in the slatted version. This table has matching benches that can be placed along the table. Interesting is the galvanised steel finish for frame and legs available with be-Easy that gives the table an industrial look. 

The original Icaro 015 incorporates two handy drawers in the steel frame and so it kind of tells a different story. However, it has legs in a gently rounded shape with a similar appeal to Maki. Oops I Did It Again has "organic" shaped legs and it comes as round or rectangular. There is also an extensible version to look at. Iblea features a laser-cut steel base, which evolves in a dynamic geometric shape. Exceptionally stable, this table is characterised by the perfect execution of top and base. We have Iblea available with a strong ceramic top or with an elegant marble top.

Clay is a table with an original base made of polyurethane, which is then spread by hand with a broad knife in various innovative resin finishes. It is a sculpture and a perfect union of beauty and harmonious proportions. Element follows with a slanting central support challenging the gravity. The originality of this design could have only be possible thanks to Desalto's long standing experience in the working of metals. 

Holo is a table featuring an original base with an oval hole, softly shaped by a process that involves many moulding and bending phases. A great combination of design and technology by Kristalia. Holo is also available with a glass top. Lambda can definitely be seen as a table with a "sculptural" base as well, and so Aikido.

MM8 is another amazing creation of Desalto. The table explores the limits of materials in relation to its structural properties, exploring the physical qualities of the aluminium. The construction brings an overall tension to the structure, allowing the top to reach a minimum thickness of 8mm. The result is a strong monolithic presence highlighted by the accentuated contrast between the impressive volumes of the base and the extreme lightness of the top.

Glass tops can be another criteria when it comes to choose a dining table. Tempered glass tops look elegant and are strong. Clear, smoked or satin are among the several finishes available with glass tops, and so the colours which are applied to the bottom of the glass. Our range of table with glass tops includes LinkTracks and the already mentioned Sushi, Helsinki 30, HoloAikido and Lambda. Liko is the perfect minimal choice. We also have Iblea available with a glass top on request. 

Lastly, let's look closely at the shape of the tables. These can be round, elliptical, square or rectangular. To choose the right shape, you must take into account the space available to use and where the table will be placed. Square or rectangular tables may suit corners better. They are still the right choice if they are placed along kitchen islands or if they need to be aligned to other furniture in the room. Narrow tables with a size of 80 or 90cm can be less intrusive if space is an issue. Round of elliptical tables may be a better choice when the table has to go in the middle of the room and the circulation around it becomes crucial. Round tables can also be the best choice if more seats are required in small spaces. We do have plenty of square or rectangular tables to show, as you can see above. Our favourite ones are definitely Thin-K, regardless if it's finished in aluminium or wood, 25, be-Easy and Boiacca. With regards to the round tables Aikido and Lambda could be an elegant option. Oops I Did It Again features amazingly shaped legs and it can definitely be the focal point in a room. Iblea with the marble top or Clay in the hand-made finishes may be ideal if a wow factor is required.

We hope the notes above can help in choosing the perfect table. However, if you have any particular requirements or any doubt about space or finishes, please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@maxdelucadesign.com