Caccaro set up the revolution this year in Milan by launching Freedhome®, the system which incorporates all the other collections in one big idea: to furnish each corners of the home with the most extreme flexibility.

Why to use Freedhome®?   1. It turns every wall or space into a storage solution, regardless if it's a bedroom, living or laundry room   2. It's totally free to be adapted to any dimensions of your home   3. It brings light to every corners thanks to a flexible, integrated lighting system.

The collection Lineare has already been extended in 2017 by introducing a new patented system of soft-closing folding doors. The system was designed to allow the use of wider storage units and improve the practicality of the corner solutions. Few years earlier, Camerino represented the innovation in the world of the storage systems. Then Grafik and Roomy, the hybrid wardrobes to use in the living rooms, followed up. Today, Freedhome® combines all in one extensive system.

Images of Caccaro's latest campaign. Courtesy of Caccaro srl