Shade Light On It

"Shade Light On It" as a meaning of bringing light on objects or as a metaphor of explaining the mystery. This is what we want you to achieve by using the light: unveil what you would love to unveil. As Davide Groppi points out: "The aim is illumination, but we also strive to seduce the viewer, hint at references and metaphors, imaging sets that in the end constitute the theatres of our lives". Below the table lamp Less for Less.

Infinito is a spatial concept that pays homage to Lucio Fontana. A thin black strip that cuts the space with its indirect light. The available lengths go up to 12 metres. Infinito could be particularly effective when used with the recessed ceiling light called "Nulla". A point and a line, together. 

Nulla might not even appear to be a lamp. A little black hole of only 18mm of diameter, a strong LED light and a lens capable to generate a wonderful light beam with very bold shadows. Nulla has been awarded with Compasso d'Oro ADI 2014. 

Masai may represent the quintessential of lighting paintings. Discreet like Infinito could be, this lamp is lightweight and adaptable to various settings. Base in matt white finish or brushed brass. The lamp called "Fosbury" could be the horizontal version of Masai.

So slim and essential, Miss is the beauty of the suspended lamps. A minimalist sign that shades light on objects with discretion. Colours available as white and black matt.

Simbiosi multiplies the lamps in a de-structured setting that can be flexibly arranged thanks to luminous diodes connected in series using wires. Matt white the finish.

Neuro interprets the suspension lamp in one more way. The cable becomes the protagonist by freely drawing lines on walls and ceiling from the electric outlet or socket. Colours available white and black matt. Neuro has been awarded with the Design Plus Award 2014.

Ociu is a large-sized suspension lamp in opal white or black methacrylate with a diameter of 185cm. The inside is customisable in any colour as well as in golden/silver/copper leaf. The poly-methacrylate diffuser comes with a global shape with diameter of 50cm. 

Aria, like Q, are "lighting devices", pure and simple. Lamps with essential shapes that contain luminous sources. Aria comes with a black matt lacquered frame and integrated LED bar. 

Q is simply a cube made of concrete with a striking orange cable. "Blackblock" could be an alternative option to Q. It's a matt black cube with a small light source on one surface.   

Collapsible Moon is a big circular lamp that can be expanded and collapsed with a simple motion thanks to its photo reflector structure. The recessed LED inside the harmonic steel structure spread light inside the circle creating the effect of a full moon.

Talking about lighting devices and what they just wanna be, Edi turns up to be just a bulb, and so the table lamp Edison. Both available in matt white finish.

Cathode is a "scientific" looking bulb made from blown glass. It's shaped like a Cathode and brings to mind the light bulb that was never born. Finishes available white matt or brushed brass.

Sol is the ultra thin wall light, only 26mm thick, available in white and black matt. "Foil" follows up. The slim design draws minimalist signs on walls.

Movie is a floor lamp with an RGB system that creates coloured illumination and infinite hues. When off it becomes an architectural object. Finish available is black brushed inbox.

Sampei is a floor lamp which has been awarded with Compasso d'Oro ADI 2014. Available in white and black matt finishes, Sampei can be 230, 260, 290 or 440cm high. Sampei is also available for outdoor use.

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