Sofas Buying Guide

Sofas can easily be the centre piece in a room where people hang around, so it's crucial to choose the right size, shape and colour. They can also be multipurpose like sofa beds so they become an important piece of furniture, mostly in apartments or cottages with small living rooms. Fixed two seater sofas are small scale sofas, meant to seat a couple of people. They come with two seat and back cushions. Sofas around 140cm in length are probably the smallest ones to look at. We have a few small size fixed sofas to recommend like U SofaMorganBustier and EssentialNY Suite is quite peculiar as it is available as a two seater sofa with only one back cushion, 155cm long x 100cm deep, or as a two seater lounge sofa, same length but 30cm deeper.

Three seater sofas can be simply defined as a longer version of the two seater, with length around 200cm or above. Definitely more comfortable and with the possibility to extend one section with a chaise long. Some of the sectional or modular sofas can easily be part of this category. Few examples to look at could be LiteNo Logo Basic, Planet 016 or Light Desert. They all feature feet and have few options being sectional sofas, too. Light Desert has a metal frame powder-coated in an interesting red on request.

NY Soft has the same three seater configuration but with more exclusive lines. Also it is part of a wider family called New York and so it offers few matching options to complete settings. Essential is a new collection and is available with high and low back cushions, so comfort comes first with it. Peculiar is the raw metal corten finish that characterises the feet.

Sofas with no visible feet are Extra Norman and Terminal GoldAura is a new addition to Bensen's collections. It features clean lines and open arms. Karma has a more classical look and an evergreen appeal.

Modular sofas can be built to suit any space or requirements. Coming in sections, they can be put together to create shapes and interesting colours matches. Perfect for customers that have more space available and want to arrange the seating their own way. Ananta Class or Extra Norman are probably the best options. Sleek and extremely modular, Ananta comes also with the option of integrating side tables. Both have ready-to-buy configurations.

Modular sofas reach the highest level of possibilities with models such as Pixel, Ananta Class, Limes or Reef. For a more casual sitting room we suggest Canyon, where colours can play a big part. Ananta, Pixel and Reef are based on the idea that sofas can be free from the constraints of fixed armrests and backrests. Limes has a smart groove where backrests can move across and become armrests. Also it has a practical resting surface on the side which is basically an extension of the base. 

Quintastrada follows up on Saba's original design by featuring unusual modular shapes. Brought out in 1996, the Quintastrada seating range was a pioneering design of the modern style. Streamlined yet modularly flexible, the range is now reproduced with a sensitive restyling that is mindful of the new contemporary language.

The innovative outdoor collection launched few years ago by Kristalia is now enriched with Tuile and Brioni. The two collections include several options such as daybeds and poufs. Upholstered with the original fabric Sunbrella®, armchairs and sofas are totally protected from UV rays and water.

The quality of the materials used by our manufacturers and their origins cannot be seen at first sight, but they might dictate higher prices in a very competitive market. We guarantee that our products are assembled in Italy with fabrics and leather provided by certified suppliers in respect of quality standards and environmental impacts, and that no harmful substances are used during the fabrication. The section below shows schematically how a sofas is built. Washed and sterilized goose down, quilted into sections and covered with 100% cotton fabric, are generally used for seat and back cushions along foams with different density. The padding for additional seat and back cushions vary according to the sofa. Fabric covers are removable in most if not all our products, and this allows for cleaning or replacements. Customers have the option of tailor-making their sofas and armchairs by using their own fabrics. 

For any enquiries, please get in touch at We will be happy to provide you with more details regarding our wide collection of sofas and armchairs.