Storage Buying Guide

In contemporary houses and city apartments storage should be arranged behind doors to look neat, and wardrobes may be the best solution for it. This regardless if storage is needed in bedrooms or living rooms. Our range of wardrobes include hinged and overlapping sliding doors. A very smart system of pull-out sliding gears for doors completely flush when they close is also among the options.

Flat is probably the most versatile collection to look at as it can be arranged with any type of door opening systems. Flat has a sleek aluminium channel running on the side of the doors, which creates a 20mm wide recess for the grip. The channel can be aluminium satin finished or powder-coated in the same colour as the doors.

Form is only available with the overlapping and pull-out sliding doors. The peculiarity of this model relies on the tempered glass, which can be combined in vertical patterns to create interesting variations of light and reflections. With Loom the variations of materials on the doors can be enjoyed as well, though this model is only available with the overlapping sliding door system. With Loom the doors are framed on the sides with a steel powder-coated profile, which worka as handle. 

Lineare is equipped with a geometrical handle and works as swinging or overlapping sliding doors. This collection has been enriched with an innovative system of swinging and folding doors combined together, which enables users to open wide sections of storage without the need of too much space in front of the units. This new option called "Lineare 2017" is explained here

Grafik represents a hybrid of wardrobe and storage suitable for both bedrooms and living rooms. TV niches or open shelving units can be incorporated in the arrangement to achieve the mix of uses.

With separate dressing rooms the open closets can be a more "casual" option to go for. In this case the comfort of having easy access to shelves and drawers becomes the priority and the mess is not an issue as it can be shut behind doorsCabina DR is a continuation of Caccaro's range. Same linearity and simplicity, and three different finishes available.

A more "elegant" version of open closets for dressing rooms is represented by Open. Several the choices for the finishes including mirrors on the back back panels to create visual depth in the room. A wide range of finishes and solutions are also available with the system called Concerto, which can also work as a hybrid storage suitable for both bedrooms and living rooms.

Dot is a minimalist storage system of open shelves easy to install and pretty versatile as it can be used to furnish dressing rooms or living rooms. Extremely contemporary with an industrial look, Dot is available in anodised aluminium or powder-coated aluminium in white and black satin finish. Three types of installation: wall-mount, floor-standing or floor-to-ceiling.

Storage means shelving units and Helsinki 489 represents the quintessential of the shelving unit with a proper flexibility to arrange the storage size according to the needs. Close units with flap doors can also be added for a diversified storage requirement. Helsinki is perfect to furnish open plan kitchens, living rooms and home offices. 

Fill follows up. This bookcase system is composed of upright side panels set on adjustable metallic feet and shelves, all made of extruded aluminium. The additional storage units have doors in satin glass back-lacquered in white or black, matching or contrasting the frame.

Double Me represents the latest collection of Desalto's storage systems. Consisting in a frame made of steel with sliding units that run on an innovative mechanism of ball bearings patented by Desalto. The units are made of MDF lacquered, available additionally with a mirror fitted on the back.

Movida is not only a simple wall-hung bookcase but a proper wall system with wall panelling, open shelves and flap openings that make it able to accommodate objects not only on resting surfaces, but behind doors too. In practice, a small wall system with a big capability, given that the modularity of components and colours can offer a wide range of choices. If you need more, Time would be your choice.