Storage Design Guide

In contemporary houses and city apartments the storage space should be arranged behind doors to look neat, and wardrobes are probably the best solution to achieve it, regardless if it's a bedroom, living or laundry room. In this respect, Caccaro launched the innovative system called Freedhome® which incorporates all the wardrobes collections in one solution. The aim was to design a system able to turn every wall or space into storage with wardrobes playing a big part in it. 

Freedhome® is totally bespoke so it adapts to any dimensions of your home. It brings light to every corners thanks to a flexible, integrated lighting system. It also includes the open closet "Cabina" completing the whole range of available solutions on the market. The "classic" range of wardrobes with hinged, overlapping or pull-out sliding doors has been revisited and improved with Freedhome®. So we still have most of the options we had before, plus new original solutions as we will see below.

Core is the heart of Freedom®. Each module with full height doors has to be seen as the starting point of the entire system. High storage capability and clean lines on the outside are the main feature of this collection. Core includes swinging doors, the patented "total opening" on folding doors, overlapping sliding doors system and the exclusive pull-out sliding system on lined-up doors, which is capable with Freedhome® to support doors that are 290cm high!

Specifically Core with swinging and sliding doors, which feature the handle Flat, is probably our favourite choice. Flat is a sleek aluminium channel running on the side of the doors, which creates a 20mm wide recess for the grip. The channel can be lacquered in the same colour as the doors or finished "Titanio Brunito" (dark titanium) for doors selected in wood essences.

Core equipped with sliding doors can be used along medium - big size TV screens to create that type of "hybrid" storage solutions that can be arranged in bedrooms or living rooms. The sliding doors are the best options when it comes to restricted space as they ensure the use of wide units with high storage capability but with a reasonable footprint.

Talking about "hybrid" storage solutions, the combination of the two collection Core & Grid within Freedom® can successfully draw wardrobes which include doors, open shelves, storage units with flap doors, TV units and drawers with direct access from the outside. 

One of the most exclusive innovations with Freedom® comes with the innovative opening based on folding doors called "total opening". The system, integrated with an original soft-closing, has been patented by Caccaro and so it is totally unique on the market. Selling point of this type of opening is the total access ensured to corner units or very wide units in restricted spaces. The collection that features this original opening system is Core Folding.

The "total opening' or Core Folding can also feature glass doors for elegant solutions where the inside can be revealed. Below an example of doors with the handle called Suit, a pretty "classic" bar running vertically. Very sleek and neat, Suit is available in the length of 33cm or 110cm.

Core with swinging doors can additionally feature aluminium framed doors and glass for elegant solutions where to reveal the inside is still a requirement. The collection called Core Glass comes with the only available handle "Linea". This pretty minimalist handle measures 16cm and is finished "Titanio Brunito" (dark titanium) like the door frames. 

Camerino is the innovative collection which still features the exclusive "total opening" system on folding doors. With Camerino you can stand in it as it was a room. Few years ago, during its launch, Camerino was acclaimed as the total innovation in the storage solutions. The system has been patented by Caccaro.

With separate dressing rooms the open closets can be a more "casual" option to go for. In this case the comfort of having easy access to shelves and drawers becomes the priority and the mess is not an issue as it can be hidden in the roomCabina completes Freedom®'s range of options. Same linearity and simplicity, and several different finishes available.

Dot is a minimalist storage system of open shelves easy to install and pretty versatile as it can easily be used to furnish both dressing rooms or living rooms. Extremely contemporary with an industrial look, Dot is available in anodised aluminium or powder-coated aluminium in white and black satin finish. Three types of installation: wall-mount, floor-standing or floor-to-ceiling.

Armida is an open shelving unit system easy to assemble on walls or between floor and ceiling. Storage units and accessories are available to complete the arrangements. Additional hanging rails finished chrome A03 set up open closet solutions. The system is available in the colours of matt white B62, black B59 and grafite B42. The shelves can be made of steel or glass.

Storage means shelving units and Helsinki 489 represents the quintessential of the shelving units with a proper flexibility to arrange the storage size according to the needs. Close units with flap doors can also be added to meet diversified storage requirements. Helsinki is perfect to furnish open plan kitchens, living rooms and home offices. 

Fill follows up. This bookcase system is composed of upright side panels set on adjustable metallic feet and shelves, all made of extruded aluminium. The additional storage units have doors in satin glass lacquered in white or black, matching or contrasting the frame. The peculiarity of Fill lies in the extruded aluminium technology which enables a light weight resistance whilst retaining thin profiles (the side panels are only 13mm thin).  

"Movida" is not only a simple wall-hung bookcase but a proper wall system with wall panelling, open shelves and flap openings that make it able to accommodate objects not only on resting surfaces, but behind doors too. In practice, a small wall system with a big capability, given that the modularity of components and colours can offer a wide range of choices. 

Then, we have few more modular solutions to sort out storage requirements like BOX or LIBRERIA, systems that can be used to design walls in living rooms according to very specific needs. Endless combinations for more personalised solutions, collections can really sort out any storage requirements and suit any space.

Low storage capability units like Brick can sort out cabinets or sideboards in any possible size, instead. Below a quick video showing you the several possibilities available with this clever collection. 

MAXIMA follows up with the same concept. The sideboard becomes a modular system capable to diversify shapes, sizes and material combinations in order to blend into any kind of interiors. Probably the most pleasurable design detail of MAXIMA is the "tray effect" with the little up-stands on the top. The latter can be finished as the doors or with precious marbles such as white Carrara or black Marquina.

The notes above can hopefully guide you through an initial design. However, to find the right storage solution can be a slightly complex process, which might need a bit of help from us. So please do not hesitate to get in touch at to discuss your project with your specific requirements

Images of Caccaro's latest campaigns along the ones of Kristalia, DeSalto and MD House. Courtesy of the companies