BOX 02 BOX 02 BOX 02 BOX 02 BOX 02 by MD House is an extensive storage system conceived to be suitable for both living and night areas. In fact, a broad choice of open or close modules allows arrangements to blend seamlessly with widely diverse rooms and requirements. Floor units along wall-hung units diversify the arrangements while the open units, perfect to showcase various objects, add lightness and dynamism to the whole. Endless the possibilities of volume, colour and finish combinations, given the wide choice of finishes and the high degree of customisation. Here a selection of the finishes to look at. For full description and options please refer to the product schedule you can download below. BOX 02 here is proposed as a wall-hung unit with a flap door H33,6 x W201,6 x D45cm in matt Mirto coupled with a wall unit with one drawer H22,4 x W134,4 x D45cm in Ash Vintage. Above an open wall unit H33,6 x W67,2 x D35,3cm in matt Mirto lined up with one wall unit H33,6 x W134,4 x D35cm in matt Pioggia complete the layout. A few elements are all it takes to design a home setting, expressing an inner world with elegant simplicity. Slightly retro lacquer shades are combined with warm, bright wood grain. BOX comes in several different arrangement and finish options. Please write to us at if you have any designs in mind.




ALL.DAY BOX 02 H... x W336 x D45/35cm

Product Schedule  

Made to order item, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. The price includes 20% VAT and curbside delivery to Europe and UK Mainland ONLY. Please get in touch for other destinations. The product needs assembling so we recommend to check Terms & Conditions