Groove Upholstered
Groove Upholstered
Groove Upholstered
Groove Upholstered

Groove Upholstered

Groove by Caccaro

Groove designed by Monica Graffeo is an innovative bed system with an essential design and a strong identity, able to cater to every sleeping need in an original way. The traditional headboard disappears. The bed is framed by the wall itself, to which the multifunctional hanging bar is fitted. The bar element long 260cm becomes the place for frequently-used objects such as mobile phones, tablets and books, replacing the traditional bedside tables. The bar element also features an integrated lighting and audio system (the latter on request), both conveniently controlled through a smart device by means of Bluetooth. The wall bar comes with a dimmable LED that you find concealed in the upper side of it. Additionally, the LED can be run at the bottom of the bar, too (but this would be on request). You may have an electric feed in the right place or you may want just to plug the LED in by simply using a socket. Whatever you decide, it will be pretty easy to make it work (download the product schedule below for more details). You have the possibility to add a pair of hooks or shelves (W30 x D20cm) to equip the wall bar by choosing them as accessories. These will be finished the same colour as the bar (Bianconeve). Ideally, the wall bar should be hanged at around 74cm from the floor. However, you can choose the height which best meets your requirements (see the product schedule). 

The aluminium bed frame and the hanging bar are coated in Caccaro's colour Bianconeve*, then upholstered with the fabrics you choose. The options for these are Felt Col.01 and Plain Col.03. Groove comes in the double bed size only. Bed dimensions W163 x L203 x H30cm and W183 x L203 x H30cm. Suitable mattresses respectively W160 x L200cm and W180 x L200cm.     

*The manufacture uses water paint to safeguard the environment and people's health. Odour-less and non-toxic, the water paint enhances the beauty of surfaces while making them scratch, stain and light resistant. 

Groove includes a wider range of colours and fabrics. You can see some of the finishes by clicking here. Groove can also suit mattresses in the size of W160 x L210cm or W180 x L210cm. Get in touch at to find out more about the other options. Please note that the mattresses are not included in these offers but they can be purchased separately. 





DOUBLE BED W163 x L203 x H30cm MATTRESS W160 x L200cm

DOUBLE BED W183 x L203 x H30cm MATTRESS W180 x L200cm

Product Schedule

Made to order item, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. The price includes 20% VAT and curbside delivery to Europe and UK Mainland ONLY. Please get in touch for other destinations. The product needs assembling so we recommend to check Terms & Conditions